Our mission is to teach youth the fundamentals of football, sportmanship and teamwork

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Football Levels
Flag Football :

No Player at the flag level may attain their 7th birthday prior to January 1st of that year.

1. If a player is age 7 years and has already played two or more seasons of flag football and/or the player weighs 65lbs. or more, then that player is encouraged to play at the Junior Pee Wee level.


  • Junior Pee-Wee Football: No Player on the Junior Pee Wee team may attain his 9th birthday prior to  August 1st of that year.  The player must weigh 80lbs. or less to play at this level.


  • Pee-Wee Football: No Player on the Pee Wee team may attain his 10th birthday prior to August 1st of that year.  The player must weigh 100lbs. or less to play at this level.


  • Junior Varsity Football:
  • 1. 

    No Player on the Junior Varsity team may attain his 11th birthday prior to August 1st of that year.  The player must weigh 120lbs. or less to play at this level.

                1. A player who turns age eleven (11) years between August 1st of the previous year and July 31st of the current year is eligible to play on the Junior Varsity level team as long as he/she weighs 85lbs. or less.


  • Varsity Football:  
    1. No Player on the Varsity team may attain his 14th birthday prior to December 31st of that year.  The player must weigh 140lbs. or less to play at this level.


  • **All players must make weight at the designated starting level by the third game of the regular season or move up to the next higher weight class.   Each player will receive a one (1) pound per week weight allowance starting in Week 4 with a maximum of five (5) pound total increase by the end of the regular season.
  •  For a list of all EPYFL League Rules, please click here: EPYFL By-Laws
General Information
· Understand that football is a tough aggressive sport. If this is your sons first season playing full contact football help him stay positive, motivated, and assure him that practices and games will get easier as he gets better. The first two or three weeks can seem especially intimidating and demanding to the new player. Hitting and tackling drills will start by the 2nd or 3rd practice.
· If you know ahead of time that your child will be missing a practice, let one of the coaches know about it. Missing a practice every so often is not a problem, we all have things come up from time to time. Missing practices EVERY week will become a problem and make it difficult for your son to keep up pace with the team. If there is a special situation, please talk to me about it. We will do what we can.
· Bring plenty of water to every practice…even when it gets cold.
· Each player needs a mouthpiece IN his mouth, every drill of every practice and every play of every game. Not just an EPEMFA rule but it is in fact a 5 yd. penalty not to have a mouthpiece in during a game. No exceptions ever! SO, be aware that your son will lose them, forget them, and chew them beyond recognition all the time. We will have some extras around, but so should you.
· Also, each player must wear an athletic supporter and hard cup. We expect the PARENTS to enforce this rule and YES it is important. Do not leave it up to the coaches to check for your child’s cup.
· Metal cleats or “screw on” cleats are NOT permitted.
· Birth Certificate copies must be provided early in August .
· At the end of each practice important announcements will be made so please try and be there.
· Typically, for home games we will wear green jerseys and white jerseys at away games. If you are in doubt, BRING BOTH to the game.
· If you are not staying during practice please arrange for another parent to be responsible for your child.
· If it is raining or has rained assume that we WILL still have practice until we confirm otherwise. We will practice rain or shine. If practice is cancelled it will be posted on the website www.epemfa.com .
· Please visit www.epemfa.com daily for updates and information.
Season Objectives:
· Develop Players for this Year and the Future
· Learn Teamwork and Discipline
· Teach the Game – Key on Assignments and Fundamentals
· Learn How to Win and Lose -- Sportsmanship!
· Have Fun and make friends
· Win football games, make playoffs.
· Maintain a focus and priority on schoolwork and grades throughout the season. Do not let football become more important than academics
On Winning:
· Flags & Jr Pee-Wee Football is instructional level. All children will get playing time between our Sat and/or Sun/Mon night games.
· Pee Wee, Junior Varsity and Varsity  football is a competitive sport in a competitive league with a league playoffs. The goal for all teams is to qualify for the playoffs. We will be developing game plans, player/position strategies to win every game. We will also try to get all players adequate playing time between our Sat games and Sun/Mon night games. But please understand there may be some game situations where not all players get playing time.
Sportsmanship –Individuals that exhibit good sportsmanship have respect for others.
Players will Develop Respect for:
  1. Themselves
  2. Officials
  3. Coaches
  4. Opponents
  5. Teammates
Conduct - Whether we are winning or losing, it is our expectation that it will not change the manner in which we conduct ourselves. We will never tolerate foul language or improper behavior from coaches, parents, or players. No matter how the other teams choose to play the game. Win or lose, we will show that we are a class organization.
Parents and Coaches must also show respect in all of the above areas, and especially the officials. Please allow the coaches do the communicating with the officials.
Players must learn that they need to play as hard, as aggressive, and as tough as they can …and then congratulate their opponent on a good effort win or lose.
On Playing Time:
· We will do our best to get everyone adequate playing time between the Sat and Sun/Mon night games.
Remember all kids develop at different rates and exhibit different levels of readiness. This is true during the season and from year to year. For those who are new to tackle football this will be a big change.
· Please be patient with our kids and coaching staff. If there is anything that you would like to discuss at any time throughout the season, please talk to your head coach.
On Positions:
· Our focus will be on learning a limited number of positions. This helps our kids learn specific skills and develop confidence.
· The kids will play where they can help the team the most. They need to learn their positions and know their jobs. Please reinforce this with your child.
· Each position is important and has key assignments and skills that will be critical to team success.
· Starting positions must be earned…hard work and improvement can earn a starting position. Many players will start on offense and defense.
How Can Parents Help?
· Please get to practices and be ready to go 5 min before the scheduled start time. Cleats, pads, and helmet ON!
· It is important for your coaches to be advised of any special medical considerations your child may have.
· Support the players with positive re-enforcement. Remember they’re only toung children.
· We are expected to provide a ‘chains’ crew at every home game. Please Volunteer for it!